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CPG Insiders

Jan 20, 2022

Today we are Talking about NielsenIQ Data and Reports, we are joined by Andrew Criezis, Head of Product for SMB globally at NielsenIQ.

Justin and Mark pose the following questions to Andrew -

1. You recently posted an interesting article to LinkedIn titled "Are your promotions catapulting your brand or cannibalizing it?" Can you give our listeners some topline take-aways from this piece and how you reached the conclusion that you did?
2. You touched upon some advice for handling CPG promotions in the current retail environment, what about tips for brands coping with ongoing inflationary pricing and increased cost of materials?
3. That leads me to the next question ... How are CPG brands facing current supply-chain challenges and what creative strategies are they implementing to maintain relationships with retailers and market share?
4. What market research stats from the last few months have surprised you the most, and what do you attribute the findings to?
5. What do you see as some of the biggest CPG challenges for 2022? On the flip side, where do you see the most significant opportunities?
6. How can both retailers and CPGs better prepare for unforeseen inflationary, demand fluctuation or supply chain issues in the months ahead?

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Andrew Criezis is the Head of Product for SMB globally at NielsenIQ. He was recently the chief product officer during the creation and launch of a new, best in class CPG platform, Byzzer. His track record of success includes global executive experience in go-to-market strategy, revenue cycle management, operations, and product development. Andrew is expert not only in crafting data-driven business solutions, but also in embedding analytics in all aspects of NielsenIQ products. With skills that span product management, sales strategy, marketing, and operations, Andrew’s holistic approach to leadership ensures both continuous improvement for NielsenIQ as a company and above all, a high-quality product.