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CPG Insiders

May 20, 2022

Content Outline:

Segment 1: Siena tells us about where she is and what they do. she does. They have found a way to use data to help their clients understand the unpredictable. They work specifically with brands that want to learn about how their brands move in market. Consumer test / quantitively testing – how well the story that they are telling is doing.

Segment 2: Buying decisions are made with the unconscious mind, not the conscious mind. How do you tap into that unconscious behavior? Siena gives us some examples of how impactful the package design and creative can be. This is the entire reason clients come to Siena’s company, how to perform well on shelf.

Segment 3: Mark goes into some detail on NLP. How salespeople use tools like NLP to get through to your unconscious. How the consumer is the most important person in their world, so you as the brand or marketer need to remember that.

Difference versus distinction. Marketing by indication – 80% of people buying CPG are buying by indication. Customers don’t care about your heritage / product, anything unless you hook them in 3 seconds.



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