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CPG Insiders

Apr 28, 2022

Segment 1: The guys dig into the two distinctive styles of entrepreneurs that there are.  Understanding WHO you are, can help you understand which type you might be, and plan to be successful.  You will always function at your best when you are being true to yourself. 

Segment 2: Elon Musk – Hard Core Risk Taker – type of entrepreneur.  Mark goes into a little detail on the background and the history of Elon Musk, and how he continued to bet on himself in areas that had nothing to do with where he was before field wise.  Musk gains purpose and value out of WHAT he is doing, the grind is his purpose. 

Segment 3: Richard Branson – Risk Mitigator – type of entrepreneur.  Justin and Mark explain how being risk averse, or a risk mitigator can look like a risk taker, but it is not true.  Mark goes through some examples of how he mitigates risk in areas when he runs into risk in some of his more dangerous activities. 

Key Take-aways - Surround yourself with people who know what they are doing.  Figure out WHO you are, lean into that, and play that hand of cards.   

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