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CPG Insiders

Dec 7, 2023

This episode, Mark + Justin talk entrepreneurlife and the age-old "too much to do, not enough time" problem with Andrew Mellen, author of Calling Bullsh*t Busy. Andrew teaches entrepreneurs, businesses, and everyday people how to leverage time management + simplification to create freedom through organization.

Deeper than just 'getting organized', Andrew fosters real transformation by changing how people think, feel, and interact with time, money, and stuff. Plus he shares easy, actionable steps you can take right now to address time-productivity obstacles in your own business. A great listen for anybody looking to take more control of their time + improve productivity to enhance their quality of life. 
About Andrew Mellen: "The Most Organized Man in America", Andrew is a best-selling author with ideas featured on Oprah and TedX. As one of the pioneers of professional organizing + productivity, Andrew travels the world speaking, teaching, and coaching individuals and global brands including the New York Mets, Genentech, American Express, Time, Inc., and the Metropolitan Museum of Art. For more about Andrew or to enroll in one of his programs, check out his website.