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CPG Insiders

Aug 5, 2022

Content Outline:

1. Segment 1: Organic Farming (costs, results, future casting)
2. Segment 2: Can you leverage this into messaging for brands?
3. Segment 3: With continued inflation hitting these “more expensive” brands what does that look like in the future?

Julie DiNatale has been working in sustainability and agriculture for over two decades and is Truterra’s Commercial and Strategic Partnerships Leader. Julie has been involved in the emerging ecosystem services markets and regenerative agriculture programs across North America. Prior to joining Truterra, Julie worked for Corteva Agriscience, an ag tech start-up, consulted for large agribusinesses, and was an ag-sector analyst for a sell-side Wall Street firm. Before her career in agriculture, Julie spent a decade in sustainability, health, and safety for a large chemical manufacturer. Julie grew up in Western New York where she spent summers on her cousin’s dairy farm. Julie earned a B.S. from Michigan State University’s College of Agriculture, and an M.S. in Environmental Science from the University of Rochester.