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CPG Insiders

Jun 7, 2022

Content Outline:

Segment 1: COVID – How it took over our lives over the past 2 years.  How the population has moved to 30 percentages of the population claiming anxiety.  Macro shifts / large scale changes from pre-pandemic times.  Waves of the pandemic have shown changes in behavior.

Segment 2: For CPG companies, more people now are engaged now with nutrition to the tune of 12 million more people who were not focused on eating healthy or shopping healthy before COVID.  Mindfulness / stress relief has been a slow steady rise as well, how people are dealing with the stress of the Pandemic.  Good news for health focused brands.

Segment 3: Sources of Influence – Dr. Marion goes into some detail on how Murphy Research goes about gathering the data, and how some of the small details of this data.  Post Pandemic, people are turning more to digital influence than they ever used to.


Sarah Marion, Director of Syndicated Research, joins Murphy Research with experience in both syndicated and custom research. With a background in cultural anthropology, Sarah excels in triangulating between different types of data, connecting the dots to build compelling stories from primary qualitative and quantitative research and secondary sources. Before joining Murphy Research, she led The Hartman Group’s syndicated research program, and she has special expertise in food and beverage, CPG, health and wellness, sustainability, the natural and organic market, and shopper insights. Sarah has led a wide variety of projects, but has special expertise in qualitative methods, longitudinal trackers, and trends research. She holds a Ph.D. in cultural anthropology from Indiana University.