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CPG Insiders

Feb 22, 2019

Walmart represents a huge opportunity for CPG brands to grow exponentially. To explore the possibilities, Mark is joined by Chad Bugos, co-founder and CEO of Infinity Worlds Inc. The company is a dedicated team of manufacturer brokers that specialize in Walmart distribution for their clients.

On the show, Mark and Chad discuss the kinds of products, brands and clients that Infinity Worlds partners with to help present to Walmart buyers. Chad talks about how Walmart differs from other types of retailers, considering the challenges and benefits that come with getting on a Walmart shelf.

Chad offers some advice for being prepared for Walmart consideration, what to anticipate and provide for a presentation to Walmart, how to use Retail Link as a great resource once your product is in Walmart and more. He offers invaluable insider information that is useful to CPG brands seeking a place at Walmart and those who are already there. 

Special Guest:

Chad Bugos’s Road to Retail was a little unconventional. After graduating from the University of Iowa Pharmacy program and later receiving his MBA, Chad worked as a Walmart pharmacist, then moved into Pharmacy Operations as a Regional manager before eventually landing at the Walmart Home Office as a senior buyer. He was known to his suppliers as a very strategic buyer, possessing great vision for where to take his categories to maximize the most gain. 

As Co-Founder and CEO of Infinity Worlds Inc, Chad believes in collaboration and open communication with his team and his clients to realize the common goal of maximizing sales. Well-respected within the Walmart walls, Chad is able to forge and build relationships based on his understanding of how Walmart thinks and what Walmart needs in order to serve the needs of the end consumer. Chad’s love of merchandise, searching for truly inspiring products and companies, and then helping those companies succeed is what he loves most about his job. When he is able to disengage long enough to get in some personal time, since he is an avid sportsman, you will find him happily in a deer stand or a duck blind.

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