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CPG Insiders

Nov 3, 2023

This episode, Dr. Mark Young is joined by Randy Mercer, Chief Product Officer at 1WorldSync, to talk about product content - what it is, why you need it as a retail vendor, and how product content platforms help both brands and retailers drive sales. 
For brands entering their first retailer, getting product content to stores to help them operate their supply chain and ecommerce experience is critical! Learn how product content platforms help brands build that bridge with retailers. Plus, how brands can leverage product content platforms for big benefits like telling their product story across multiple retail chains, providing marketing copy + images to support retailer efforts, informing buyers + store management, and even helping brands as they expand into new retailers. 
As the leading product content platform, 1WorldSync provides solutions that simplify the creation and distribution of product content. Over 14,000 companies and retailers utilize the 1WorldSync platform, including Walmart, Amazon, Google Shopping, Target, Kroger + Walgreens. 
About Randy Mercer: Randy is an omnichannel product content expert with over 15 years of industry experience. He leads 1WorldSync's global product management and solution architecture teams, aligning the company's portfolio with current customer needs and emerging market trends.