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CPG Insiders

Jul 18, 2023

Today, the guys talk pricing and price strategies.  How, with inflation - your product isn't competing with just competitors, but with a gallon of gas, or other basic necessities.  We have an excellent guest Ben Reich that we jump right in with.  Tune in and give it a listen. 

Ben Reich is the Co-founder and CEO of Datasembly (backed by well-known VCs). The company tracks product prices across 200+ retailers representing 150k+ stores across North America which is incredibly timely given the current economic climate and inflation issues. Currently, food inflation is outpacing salary growth and CPGs + retailers are scrambling to figure out pricing strategies to keep consumers shopping. That’s where Datasembly comes in. Recently, the company cracked the baby formula story wide open using their proprietary platform and technology to uncover shortages plaguing stores nationwide.