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CPG Insiders

Jul 15, 2021

On today's show, Mark and Justin talk about all the ways you can advertise on mobile

Justin explains how the convenience of your mobile device is what is allowing advertisers to target you based off so many different variables. When you go to work, when you go the the doctors, these mobile phone start to learn your patterns, track your location and all kinds of other personal information.

Mobile devices are extremely powerful tools, and advertising there is equally as powerful. When brands go and look at analytics, at a minimum, 60% of their traffic is coming in from a mobile device. The numbers don't lie. You have to be careful though certain assumptions when targeting geographic areas, you might be assuming shoppers are going where you think they go, this could be incorrect.

The beauty of this type of advertising is that consumers are so used to it now, it feels less invasive no days. From a marketers stand point, this is a treasure trove of data that
We can use to target the type of consumer we want to target.