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CPG Insiders

Feb 24, 2022

Today we are going to be diving into the lessons that can be learned from the marketing techniques of presidential leaders and you can leverage them to grow your business and we are joined by Jason Voiovich.

Segment 1: Selling ideas is similar to Selling products - much of the psychology is the same. In fact, a product is simply an idea with a tangible delivery system.
Segment 2: Many brands have discovered they can lobby the government for favorable restrictions to commerce (aka rent-seeking) as a higher ROI option to "real" advertising and marketing. That's risky because it opens you to disruption (e.g. Taxi medallions vs. Uber in NYC), but it's hugely popular with large brands. Challenger brands need to have a plan to counter that.
Segment 3: The Calvin Coolidge story. Breakthrough in branding and politics. (Bruce Barton of BBDO was the key strategist).
1. First one to understand radio (1:1 not one to many), not FDR
2. First one to target market (women, African Americans, rural, etc.)
3. First one to use astroturfing to build support
4. First one to use strategic images (costume idea)
Segment 4: Marketer in Chief: How Each President Sold the American Idea Book Plug


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