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CPG Insiders

Mar 21, 2023

This Show’s Notes

Mark is in sunny Florida for today’s show, and Justin is in an ice storm in Detroit.  Mark let’s us know a little about our guest David Biernbaum.  The guys jump right in to how the pandemic changed meeting.  From retailers conducting business differently, to ECRM being digital.

Pre-Pandemic, all the retailers would have an annual review.  There would be meetings set up, and we would show what we are trying to do, and we would fight to get our products on their shelves.  But now…its all virtual meetings, from Zoom to Teams, it is near impossible to get a face to face meeting.

There is a whole different way in doing business with retailers.  There are ways to turn this to your advantage, but you need to know some tricks.  You will still use a logical order in presenting your brand, but you need to know who is in the room with you (the virtual room) and as a courtesy, you need to let them know who is in your room.  Since most of these meetings are being hosted from someone’s house.  Don’t be sitting on your lazy boy in the living room while your kids run around on camera.

Listen in for more tips and insight from the Guys and David.