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CPG Insiders

May 7, 2021

On today's show, Mark and Justin talk EOS (Entrepreneurial Operating System), with Coach Bob Shenefelt, a certified EOS Implementor.  What is EOS, how it works, how it can help fellow entrepreneurs manage the internal parts of their companies.

Coach Bob goes on to give a breakdown on all of these things, what EXACTLY is EOS, how it works.  1 Year Goals, 3 Year Picture 10 Year Plan.  Getting the whole team to to understand the company core values and that those are shared By All.  Right People / Right Seats.  Traction and the 90-Day World.  Rocks and what we have to accomplish to get to the next level.  

If you are using something like EOS - you are trying to build a self-managing company.  If you can not leave your business for a week, without everything falling apart, you dont have a business, you have a private practice.  How having an EOS structure in place would make many of these CPG companies easier to sell (if that was their plan).