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CPG Insiders

May 20, 2019

Mark and Robb invite Joshua Blake onto the show to discuss the complex ecosystem of the Amazon marketplace. They talk about why it is now in your best interests to have your product or products represented on Amazon, especially if you’re trying to earn shelf space in a brick and mortar store.

They also cover a number of challenges that come with selling on Amazon, including resellers, price control, brand image and more. Joshua offers some advice for handling potentially issues.

Joshua walks through the different options that CPG sellers have on Amazon (selling direct, selling to Amazon or selling through a third party), offering pros and cons of each option.

About the guest:

Joshua Blake is the President of a diverse, multi-channel online retailer. Prior to founding the company in 2013, Joshua served in the United States Air Force and worked in the hydroelectric generating industry implementing and designing new control systems.

Since 2013, his company has grown exponentially due to incredible passion, sheer tenacity, and a hardworking mentality. Their success can be attributed to bringing together a team of fun-loving, caring individuals who are energized, motivated, and focused on the ever-changing world of e-commerce.

Contact Joshua:

Email :

Phone number: (304) 942-1898