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CPG Insiders

Aug 5, 2021

On today’s episode, Mark & Justin talk about The Infinite Growth Path

We, at The Agency always get asked "how do you guys keep hitting these home runs over and over"? This Episode, the Guys are going to give you a peak under the hood at our 12 Point program that at Jekyll + Hyde we call The Infinite Growth Path.

The term "Best Practices" is a term that we dislike here so much because there is no risk, and therefor no innovation. Hard work, and following a very proven scientific methodology (our Infinite Growth Path) will help you mitigate some risk, and stack the deck towards having a successful Ad Campaign.

The 12 points of Infinite Growth Path explained

1. Business Model Review
2. Product Analysis
3. Historical Analysis
4. Point-of-Purchase Review
5. Consumer Insights
6. Hypto-Tising Principles
7. Refine Goals
8. Pre-Launch
9. Launch
10. Analyze
11. Optimize
12. Future Casting

If you have questions please reach out us and we will send you all kinds of information on our Infinite Growth Path.